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Athletic Department


Falmouth High School is a member of the SMAA, participating in the Maine State Class A division. Falmouth Middle School is a member of the SMMSAC. Find information about Falmouth Schools Athletics coaches, team schedules, and field locations.


The Falmouth Athletic Department believes that school athletics builds skills that will benefit student-athletes throughout their lives. High school athletics is the safest environment for students to learn to be part of a team and deal with adversity.

Interscholastic athletics provide an outstanding testing ground against strong local competition. Backed by experienced coaches and outstanding support from the town, Falmouth athletes push themselves to improve on a daily basis so they can realize their academic and athletic potential. And while winning is important, the highest measure of success is evaluating how each student improves, advocates for themselves, prepares for intense competition, and handles success and adversity. 

Student Athlete Expectations

  • Be a good citizen, classmate, and teammate
  • Put your team before yourself
  • Respect all school rules, faculty, staff, teammates, coaches, opponent, and officials
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome

Coach Expectations

  • Communicate Philosophy and Team Standards
  • Treat all student-athletes with respect: “Demanding, but not demeaning.”
  • Provide a safe practice/game environment
  • Provide strong training to improve skill and fitness level
  • Communicate what athlete’s role is on the team and how they can improve

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Encourage your student-athlete to advocate for themselves
  • Support, encourage, and respect your athlete’s coaching staff
  • Act appropriately at sporting events, both at home and away
  • Just as we ask our athletes, make sure to respectfully represent your family, school, and community

Contact Information

Athletic Department: 207-781-7429
James Coffey, Athletic Director x5560
Rob Sullivan, Assistant Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer x5921
Ann Cain, Athletic Department Administrative Assistant x5483
Sam DiBiase, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Middle School Athletics: 207-781-3740
Maureen Sylvia, Middle School Athletic Director x4460

photo of  Athletic Director James Coffey

James Coffey
Athletic Director

Rob Sullivan
Assistant Athletic Director
Athletic Trainer

school photo of middle school athletic coordinator

Maureen Sylvia
Middle School Athletic Director
FMS Physical Education Teacher

Ann Cain
Athletic Department
Administrative Assistant

Sam DiBiase
Assistant Athletic Trainer